What is Spatulapro.com?

SpatulaPro.com is an ordering platform which gives you the opportunity to buy professional bakery,pastry and ice cream equipment through the widest range available in the web. The on line shop is designed in such a way so as to make your selection as easy as possible offering you the chance to select your products from some of the most reliable and specialized producers of professional equipment.

How fast am I going to receive my order?

The items that you have ordered will need to be collected first and then sent to you. There is a chance that some of the items that you have ordered are out of stock. In that case we will notify you and we will decide our next actions. Deliveries within Europe usually take from 3 up to 5 days from the date that the goods leave the warehouses. Deliveries outside Europe will most probably need customs clearance which will add more time until the goods reach your destination. In case you need to receive your order as soon as possible please contact us through our CONTACT FORM so that we coordinate the delivery in the best way possible

How can I buy at the lowest price possible?

The prices mentioned in our on-line shop are very carefully studied and you will surely find that it is of your best interest to organize your sales through SpatulaPro.com
Pay attention to the transport costs especially when you are based outside Europe as they may generate extra customs clearance charges.
Try to organize your sales by supplier so that you save on the transport costs.
Try to visit our on-line shop regularly so that you keep up with the current offers.
The prices do not include VAT so pay attention to the final order confirmation form before your pay.

How many packages will I receive?

There is a chance that you will receive more than one packages for your order. The reason for that is that your order might include items which have been shipped from different warehouses according to the different suppliers that you may have selected.

How can I change my order?

Your order cannot be changed once it has been confirmed. So please pay attention before you confirm your order. If you do not do so you may end up being charged with extra costs which will involve return of the products to the respective warehouse and resending of the products again.

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